American goods are 30% overpriced compared with Chinese

Chinese currency is undervalued by 30%

American workers are the most productive and deserve a level playing field to compete. WTO rules permit us to sanction any nation that manipulates its currency. Our workers will then readily reclaim their jobs and their self respect.

European workers suffer the same unfairness as we and we should coordinate with them for greater impact.

We should not impose arbitrary tariffs because this impoverishes all, and especially America, which is the largest exporter in the world. Free and fair trade lifts all economies.

We should separately pursue Chinese workers' rights and environmental concerns, but constructively and not confrontational.

Many fear China's huge holdings of American bonds. China cannot dump our bonds as it would destroy their banking system, overall economy, thus imperiling the stability of their government.

We should:

1.Insist on free float of the Chinese currency

2.Coordinate policy with Europe

3.Back up our words with legal sanctions if necessary

4.Address working conditions and environmental concerns constructively



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