Only Congress is empowered to make laws, levy taxes and authorize spending.

Only Congress is empowered to remove any and all members of the other branches of government.

Our Founders created a multi-member Congress because effective and intelligent policy requires debate and consideration.

Our Founders created a single Presidency because single mindedness is needed to carry out policies effectively.

The President is the executive – to execute the laws created by Congress, not make them.

Congressional powers of oversight and lawmaking must be re-established.

Our personal freedoms must be reasserted:

1. No more closed courts

2. No more denial of American freedoms by claiming national security exemptions

  3. No more government snooping without warrants

4. No more torture – it doesn’t work and is repugnant to American values

5. No more wars without a formal declaration

6. No more signing laws and then refusing to enforce them

7. Require courts to apply the law as written, including the ENTIRE BILL OF RIGHTS



Protect our Constitution

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