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The LOGRDems offer these ‘Sound Bites’ for you, the voter, to use when discussing our progressive agenda with your family, friends, neighbors, workers, businesses, etc.

Capital Punishment

Does not prevent killing or kidnapping

Costs much more than life without parole

We’ve executed innocent people

Government Regulation

Too much, business suffocates and we get poorer

Too little, business commits frauds and monopolies and we get poorer

We need good judgment based on facts and logic

Health Care

Government should not own hospitals or employ doctors

Government administration cuts out marketing and reduces overhead

Cover everyone and save $20 Billion


No country can or will invade us. Terrorist attacks maybe, but not invasion

We need Navy, Air Force and Special Forces and the core of an Army

Save over $500 Billion per year – one third our budget deficit – without reducing our security

Drug Laws

Keep it away from children

Reduce violence

Save government money and get more tax revenue

Legalize and regulate

Gay Marriage

Can’t force a church to do it – 1st Amendment

Can’t prohibit a church from doing it – 1st Amendment

Can’t deny it on religious grounds – 1st Amendment

Can’t deny it on secular grounds – 5th, 14th & 15th